About Me

I'm a SAHM with a lovely daughter and a son. My love for crafts started when I was young, watching my mum sewed dresses, toys, knitting cardigans, etc. She would turn scraps and unwanted pieces of materials into treasures that you can never find in any shopping malls. My younger sister and I never had a Barbie doll in our lives, but we had lots of soft toys with changeable clothes all handmade by our very creative mum. I’m really glad after all these years finally I’m picking up crafting again after being a mum. Making Diaper Cakes has given me a chance to make full use of my time. Not to mention that it also give me a good excuse to go shopping. All thanks to my family and friends with their support, encouragements, compliments and orders! I hope with my daughter and son watching me making diaper cakes as they grow up, it will nurture their imaginations and creativity, just like how my mum inspires me.

With Love,


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