What is a Diaper Cake?

A Diaper Cake is gift for babies or even toddler consisting of disposable diapers together with all other goodies made into a shape of a 1-tier to 3-tier cake. It can be an eye-catching centerpiece during a baby shower or 1st month celebration. At Baby's 1st Cake you can get the most wonderful gift for a new born with the whole cake made of disposable diapers, clothes, bibs, socks, etc. Everything in the cake is useful and it will certainly bring a smile to the mother and her bundle of joy.

What 'ingredients' do you use?

All 'ingredients' are practical and useful, like clothes, bath toys, books, bibs.... there are too many to list! I'm a mother myself, so rest assured all the 'ingredients' are baby safe and baby friendly from reputable stores and reliable brands. I won't use things that I wouldn't use on my babies.

What diapers do you use?

Drypers Touch Size M
(Drypers Touch offers premium softness for your baby’s ultimate comfort. Drypers Touch is created with Pro Skin Technology; is made from a completely soft material with a cotton feel which breathes and comes with a super-absorbent core to effectively absorb and distribute urine.) ~ text from Drypers official website.
I'm using new Drypers Touch size M. You may request for other brands and sizes too. Please note that this will also affect your budget if a premium brand is requested. For all other brands, there will be a top up of $10 for 2 tier and $12 for 3 tier diaper cake.

Do you have ready made Diaper Cake?

All Diaper Cakes at Baby's 1st Cake are only bake when orders are taken. So I can safely say that all cakes are brand new, fresh and personal. If its urgent, I might be able to get it ready for you to collect on the next day. Check with me ok?

How is the 'baking' done?

'Baking' is done in a pet-free and smoke-free environment under the strictest hygiene conditions. No pins used in putting the cake together for safety reasons. Only ribbons, some tapes and tucking technique are used.

Can I order the exact same one you've made?

Each Diaper Cake is unique and special. Because the ingredients used are sometimes seasonal, so its subject to availability. It can be similar (colour, general theme like cars, garden, etc), but never the same.

For special theme request (eg, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, etc) the minimum starts from $100 to $120. Please give me around 2 weeks to purchase the items for the theme and work on it.

How long does it take for my cake to be baked?

It can be done in less then a week, or even 2-3 days if you are okay with any design. I would appreciate 1 to 2 weeks notice if you are requesting for a specific theme. 

I need a cake this weekend, HELP!

Sometimes we do have some late notice invitation and we need to find a perfect gift in a short time. Just drop me an e-mail at babys1stcake@gmail.com or WhatsApp 8198 1882. I will help if I'm able to.

How much is your Diaper Cake?

Diaper cake starts from min. $80.

2-tier: $80 to $110
3-tier: $120 & above


($80 basic)
Diapers 25 pieces

($120 basic)
2 Bibs
Diapers 40 pieces

Above items included is just a guide, subject to changes. Extra items like book, rattle, etc will be added on depending on budget.

2 tier
3 tier

Will my diaper cake be wrapped?

Of course, they will be wrapped with tulle! All ready to go!

How is payment done?

Image result for paypal logo smallImage result for paylah logo small
Full payment has to be made by PayLah, PayNow, bank transfer to POSB saving account or PayPal once order is confirmed.
For customers who are residing overseas, payment can made by PayPal. However, full payment must be made upon confirmation of order. Transaction fees of 3.4% and SG$2 will be borne by buyer.

Can I cancel my order?

Strictly no cancellation after payment is made.

How do I know when my cake is ready? 

Once the diaper cake is ready, I will WhatsApp or e-mail you the photo.

How do I collect the Diaper Cake?

Collection at Blk 195A Punggol Road. Please note that collection date and time will be at my convenience.

Do you do delivery?

Yes, delivery fee will be $11 for 2 tier and $13 for 3 tier. Pls provide the following info:

1) Name of recipient
2) Contact number
3) Address
4) Date
5) Congratulatory message

Delivery will be before 5pm on weekdays only. There will be no delivery on weekends and Public Holidays.

To avoid disappointment in the delay of delivery, please arrange for an earlier delivery date or self collect at Punggol.

What is your return / refund / exchange policy?

Diaper Cakes are bake from scratch and I will ensure the items are not defective before putting them together. And definitely the policies above doesn't apply if you dislike the design of the cake, as I really put in my heart, my soul and effort in 'baking' each and every cake. Take a look at my Gallery and see if you like my style! Please state any requests if you have when you place your order to avoid any misunderstanding. 

More questions? Whatsapp me at 8198 1882 or send an email to babys1stcake@gmail.com

*updated on 18 January 2018

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